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Top 10 physical therapists in Lakewood, CO 2015
A winner of the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards for Lakewood Physical Therapist
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After three treatment sessions, this patient has improved in all areas of posture, strength, and mobility.  She has reduced her effective weight of her spine from 23.2 lbs to 16.2 lbs (a reduction of 30.1%)

   Feel the VITAL difference for yourself, and feel better!  

"At the beginning, my lower back was in pain, and I would get stuck in certain positions (like bending over).  Now there is NO PAIN, and much looser."

                                                                                             -Nicole M.

"Hands-on physical therapy has been extremely beneficial.  I have improved posture, and much less neck and shoulder pain.  I have also experienced a decrease in headaches and migraines.  My core strength is also increasing.  The whole body approach is wonderful, and has given me quicker positive results than any previous PT I have tried."


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After four treatment sessions, this patient is able to function without any pain.  She has improved her posture and reduced the effective weight on her spine from 31.8 lbs to 27.0 lbs (a reduction of 15.2%).   

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